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Jamaican trade union leader Eddie Bailey is not afraid to stand up for what he believes - although it nearly cost him his life.
He tells his story to Martin Henry.
Yusuf Al-Azhari spent six years in solitary confinement as a political prisoner. Now he is helping to bring Somalia's warlords together. Michael Smith tells his story:
When Czechoslovak student protester Jan Palach set himself alight in 1969, Jara Moserova-Davidova was one of the specialists who treated him. Now head of UNESCO in the Czech Republic she has lived under Nazi and communist oppression-and seen both systems collapse. She talks to Mary Lean.
Dejazmatch Gebreyohannes Tesfamariam was a Minister of State under the Emperor of Ethiopia. He later became a senior Provincial Councillor in Eritrea.
Louise Diamond, Director of Peace Works, Washington DC, gives her impressions of the conference:
David Allbrook's watchword has led him into famine relief, the hospice movement, the presidency of Amnesty International in Australia and pioneering medical training in East Africa. John Bond meets an academic who believes in action.
Through creating a meaningful avenue of self-expression, Johnson says, teenagers learn how to direct themselves; and one of the most important goals of BTA is to restore young Black men's sense of a positive self-image.
Fiji's Ratu Meli Vesikula was once a`ruthless fanatic : He tells Edward Peters why he now believes that:
Once the Vice-President of Yugoslavia, Milovan Djilas became a dissident predicting the crisis of Communism. Leif Hovelsen profiles a man whose writings have had a prophetic touch:
Pakistan's opposition leader and former Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, greets Dr Charis Waddy at the launching of the third edition of Dr Waddy's book, The Muslim Mind. Also present were the Pakistan High Commissioner, Dr Humayun Khan, as well as academics, university lecturers, community leaders and representatives of Britain's 1.8 million Muslim population.