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Is it possible for a successful business to remain truly ethical? Steven Greisdorf finds some practical advice in a recent book that promotes an alternative capitalism.
On a recent trip to Lviv, Ukraine, I stayed in a hotel just across the street from an Internet cafe. Also close was a McDonald's. But the café and McDonald's had more than proximity in common.
Can big business and activists agree on fighting poverty? Michael Smith reports.
As you reach out for a jar of coffee in the supermarket, you can give a hand to the people who grew the beans, discovers Mary Lean.
Bryan Hamlin, a British-born American citizen, challenges Europe's prejudice towards the United States.
Sir Mark Moody-Stuart is Chairman of Anglo American plc and was Chairman of Business Action for Sustainable Development, an initiative of the International Chamber of Commerce and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development for the Earth Summit in Johannesburg.
Good governance starts with individuals, discovers Paul Williams.
John J Maresca is President of the Business-Humanitarian Forum Association, based in Geneva. He is a former US ambassador and business executive. This article is based on a talk he gave in Caux and a paper he wrote in The Washington Quarterly.
Rubens Ricupero, the Secretary General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), called on governments to dialogue with anti-globalization demonstrators. 'Otherwise we are heading for an increasingly violent confrontation. These movements express an understandable fear and anguish.' He discerned 'a pervasive desire for something that goes beyond the economic'.
Indian historian Rajmohan Gandhi spoke on 'Money, Globalization and Equality' during the Caux conference for Business and Industry. We print extracts: