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Environmental issues
The world has the resources to respond to climate change, maintains Alan Porteous. But we need to get on with it.
WATABARAN, which means environmental sustainability in Nepali, is a fair-trade company established by Nepalese and Swedish youth.
While we rush around our homes checking for dripping taps, the water companies also have some work to do, putting their own house in order.
I looked up '2006 year of' on the internet and discovered that, according to various authorities, this is the Year of Deserts and Desertification, of Rembrandt (born in 1606) and of Mozart (born in 1756).
The value of the food each Briton throws away each day is more than the sum half the world's population has to live on each day.
THE SWEEPERS of India are at the centre of a revolutionary initiative by the Indian Government to upgrade their status.
A friendly child gives Tom Duncan the courage to climb China’s contemporary Great Wall.
We were encouraged to pick up and admire spiders and all manner of other creatures and wonder at their diversity rather than scream and stamp on them. How many kids get a similar opportunity today?
What can be done to avert mass extinction on a scale not seen since the age of the dinosaurs, asks Kenneth Noble
Joanna Grigg meets Alan Porteous a New Zealand climatologist who, not content just to predict weather patterns, is promoting a bid to save a precious part of India's natural heritage.