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While we rush around our homes checking for dripping taps, the water companies also have some work to do, putting their own house in order.
The hurricane and its horrifying aftermath may prove to be the tipping point that causes Americans to rethink our values, priorities and lifestyles.
The Johannesburg Earth Summit highlighted the urgent need of many countries to secure greater freshwater supplies. Alan Ervine talks to Kenneth Noble about what can be done to turn aspiration into reality.
When an English church looked for a clean-water project to support in 1983, no one knew how far it would lead, writes Ann Rignall.
The generation born today will probably live on the warmest Earth for 120.000 years. It is too late, scientists say, to stop the great warming – but prompt action could slow it down. Mary Lean explains.
Rilhena lies in the foothills of the mountains, amidst the tea plantations which took away the ancestral village lands. About 100 families live there, cultivating rice.