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Alhaji Ado Bayero gave up his diplomatic career to become the ruler of some eight million Muslims in the Nigerian state of Kano. In his new role he has worked to bridge his country's divisions. ' Robo Judith Ukoko, a Christian from the southern delta area of Nigeria, travelled to his historic palace.
Once the Vice-President of Yugoslavia, Milovan Djilas became a dissident predicting the crisis of Communism. Leif Hovelsen profiles a man whose writings have had a prophetic touch:
Polish exile Aniela Stepan and her husband Olgierd tell their story to Michael Smith.
The Indians wanted to be respected by the Government and left alone to control their own affairs; the Sandinistas believed they could be interwoven into the fabric of the new revolutionary Nicaragua. Their interests were on a collision course. In 1981 armed conflict broke out.
Rajmohan caused a national stir in November 1989 when he decided to stand in India's elections.
Last November marked the centenary of Japan's parliamentary system. Yet politics has become a bad word in the country after a series of scandals involving senior politicians.
As former Eastern bloc nations roll back 70 years of Marxist economics, Michael Smith looks at the struggle to avoid the unacceptable face of capitalism.
Polish journalist Boguslaw Chrabota is a spokesman for the Krakow Industrial Society. He writes:
The fatal division of `us' and `them' is still alive, without us realizing that there is no `them.
As the South Commission launches its report in Caracas, Ailsa Hamilton meets a Tanzanian Cabinet Minister who believes in speaking her mind.