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My wife and I were back in the area and often met little groups of Tibetan refugees, straggling down through the Himalayan foothills, offering to sell their few possessions for Indian rupees. It was then I began to fear that the world might be losing a precious culture.
Professor Rieben, who is Director of the Centre for European Research in Lausanne, writes that after visiting Caux, `I could not forget what Europe owed to the dialogue and cooperation which developed during the decisive post-war years between Frank Buchman on the one hand and Konrad Adenauer and Robert Schuman on the other.'
`Liverpool is a city famous for three things: for soccer, for the Beatles and for political chaos.
Four years ago All Saints Episcopal Church asked one of their congregation, Denise Wood, to survey Pasadena's `quality of life'. For nine months she went around listening to people and their concerns. What she discovered was a 'city in pain', as she describes it, with alarming problems most people were unaware of.
In February 1986, Filipinos wrote a new concept into modern history books. They call it `People and Prayer Power', although outside the Philippines it is simply called `People Power'.
Looking deeper one could see the destructive potential of forces that have broken many another country. The most obvious tension is between Fiji's Indians, who comprise 49 per cent of the population of 715,000, and the ethnic Fijians (46 per cent).