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Joan Holland looks at the issues raised by the 150th anniversary of the Treaty of Waitangi. Signed by New Zealand's Maori and whites in 1840, the treaty has never been fully honoured.
`We members of the public are tired of sitting back and expecting the politicians to do everything. It's up to us Queenslanders to do something as well.'
For decades Stanislaw Stomma has stood for democracy and new relations with his country's neighbours. He talks to Pierre Spoerri.
Namibia, Africa's last colony, is on the threshold of `wonderful things... after suffering for so many years', South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu said on a recent visit here. But the transition from colonial South West Africa to independent Namibia will not be easy.
What an irony that the Chinese People's Republic, established only 40 years ago with considerable popular support, now faces such a popular uprising!
Behind every great man there is a public servant. Allan Griffith advised six Australian Prime Ministers on foreign policy. Annabel Miller and John Williams find out what makes a mandarin tick.
The exchange took place in the wake of Japan's Recruit corruption scandal and as events in China built up towards the massacre in Tiananmen Square.
With a bullet in his arm, he zigzagged away, missing by inches the car that was blocking the road.
Another African leader, General Joseph Lagu, former Vice-President of the Sudan, also took part. As a guerrilla leader in the bush, he fought against the Arab North in Sudan's first civil war.
The Bersani of today developed from the student who used to go with his friends to the poorer parts of town every Sunday to see what they could do.