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Former submarine commander Douglas Johnston believes that religion is 'the missing dimension of statecraft'. He tells his story to Bob Webb.
Poland’s decision to join the European Union has been a subject of hot debate in schools and universities,writes Joanna Margueritte.
Brutal honesty and an unswerving commitment to his ideals have driven Letlapa Mphahlele into areas most people would turn away from in horror—and onto an extraordinary journey of reconciliation. He talks to Anthony Duigan.
Laurence Cockcroft is chairman of Transparency International’s UK chapter and a member of TI’s main board.
Francis Kimani is a Nairobi-based lawyer.
Thirty people from political life took part in a three-day round table conference on good governance.
Verwoerd is one of the names most associated with apartheid. William Smook discovers that Wilhelm and Melanie Verwoerd break all the stereotypes.
It's not just the ethereal scenery that brings people from conflict areas to Caux in Switzerland. Mary Lean takes part in a remarkable meeting of hearts.
When Cornelius Marivate, South Africa's leading authority on Tsonga literature and folksongs, went into Parliament, he found something missing. He talks to Anthony Duigan.
The Right Revd Richard Chartres is the Bishop of London