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Jose Carlos Leon Vargas was in Ukraine during the ‘Orange Revolution’ in December. What he saw got him thinking.
Phil Evans exposes the scandal of international price cartels.
‘There is a palpable crisis of governance in many developing countries,’ said Prabhat Kumar, the Director of an independent Centre for Governance in India and former Governor of Jharkand State
Some ridicule North Korea for their paranoia, but when one learns about the troubled history of the Korean Peninsula one begins to understand where they are coming from.
When Carl Clowes applied for a job as a doctor in North Wales, he could not have foreseen that it would lead him to launching the UK’s first cooperative village—or becoming Honorary Consul for Lesotho. He talks to Paul Williams.
The elections underlined the progress we’ve made in a decade.
FRANK FIELD has been the MP for Birkenhead for 25 years. The visit of a group of pensioners to his surgery some eight years ago ‘is indelibly etched on my memory’, he writes. ‘Nothing had prepared me for the description of what they were enduring...
The state does not interfere as long as law and order do not come under threat. However, this tends to create a situation where ‘communityism’ reigns, and ghettos can develop.
Twenty-three years in Parliament, nine months in the Cabinet, seven months in prison—Jonathan Aitken talks to Mary Lean.
CORNELIO SOMMARUGA, President of the Caux Foundation, spoke at two public meetings in Geneva in January on ‘Switzerland after the federal elections; the world after the war in Iraq’.