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This article is based on a message sent by Burmese democratic campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi to an MRA conference in India marking 50 years of India's independence.
It's time for Britain to take a long hard look at herself writes Hugh Williams.
British politician Frank Field talks to Mary Lean about gun control, sleaze and the moral force of the welfare state.
Richard Ruffin is a former Rhodes Scholar. Since serving in the US Navy, including two years on the staff of the Secretary of Defense, he has been one of those responsible full-time for the programmes of Moral Re-Armament in the United States.
As the Cambodian peace plan swings into action, a survivor of Pol Pot's terror talks to Mike Brown about justice and forgiveness.
Never have more people been murdered than under such `great' leaders as Stalin, Hitler and Mao. Never, perhaps, have more people been led into wars not of their choosing than by lesser leaders like Lyndon B Johnson and Saddam Hussein.
Women from around the world light a candle to launch a peace initiative with a difference. Mary Lean joined them in the mountain village of Caux, Switzerland.
Six members of the Polish Parliament (Sejm), one of President Walesa's Secretaries of State and local leaders from Gdansk, Lodz and Kielce were among those attending a seminar in Oslo on the theme `moral and spiritual foundations of democracy and the structures that make it work' earlier this summer.
Fiji's Ratu Meli Vesikula was once a`ruthless fanatic : He tells Edward Peters why he now believes that:
On 1st August 1291, a handful of farmers from the mountain cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwald met in the meadow of Rutli and swore to stand by each other. 700 years on, Switzerland's 26 cantons and half-cantons and four national languages represent a unique experiment in democracy. Andrew Stallybrass - English- born, married to a Swiss and living in Geneva - takes an affectionate look at his adopted country.