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Algerian diplomat Mohamed Sahnoun has spent 30 years resolving conflicts. Andrew Stallybrass finds out how... and why.
Despair and fear are the enemies of peace, write Saliba Sarsar (left),a Palestinian American, and Yehezkel Landau, an Israeli American.
I see no way of achieving daily bread for all without a world trade market which is genuinely open, and a collective effort to check poverty both at home and abroad, as set by the Millennium Development Goals.
'Segregation just isn't acceptable in any form any more. It harms all of us!'
It is crucial for Japan's leader to win the trust of her neighbours. Prime Minister Kishi visited nine Asian- Pacific nations in 1957 to apologise for Japan's actions during the War.
As he searched for an answer, he sensed that the moment for reconciliation would come and he wrote, ‘Caux is the place’.
Paul Williams discovers that security is not just a military issue.
I notice him spreading a mat on the floor to commence his morning prayers according to his religion, Islam. From this moment on, I know that this summer in Caux will bring a new experience.
Jean Brown meets the women who are standing up for peace in a clean Africa.
On the streets of Bristol, UK, one woman is fighting crime with a silent force. Stan Hazell finds out more.