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World War II
Philip Boobbyer discovers how the rebuilding of an historic German church, destroyed by British bombers during World War II, is healing old wounds.
Margaret Jackson was in on the birth of European unity. She talks to Michael Smith.
Mary Lean and Andrea Cabrera meet an artist whose work has given a voice to Holocaust survivors, and their descendants.
Mayor Shinzo Hamai chose something quite remarkable for the inscription on the memorial to the first atom bomb: ‘Rest in peace. For we shall not make the same mistake again.’
Few countries have worked so hard to come to terms with their past, to repair, to restore as Germany has.
Europe will not find the way forward by avoiding conflict, but by transforming it, maintains Brian Walker.
Melville Carson tells Paul Williams about his'great escape' from guilt and bitterness.
For many the war years were enough adventure to last a lifetime.
‘What has making your bed got to do with surviving plane crashes and meeting prime ministers? Jim Coulter tells Mike Lowe.
The city of Coventry in the English Midlands has had a long and honourable tradition in peace building, since its 14th century cathedral was destroyed in 1940.