I am an artist, but you do not necessarily have to have a brush or a pen to express something which can make another person feel great and hopeful. And this natural artistry can grow.
01 June 1989
As I skied, I suddenly became aware of a big hare hopping along in the light snow: It stopped, sat back on its hind legs, pricked up its ears, looked at me, and then hopped on again.
01 May 1989
We walk down that path each day - my six-year-old daughter and I - on her way to school. We must have passed within feet of the dead body. They cordoned off the path and we came home from school another way.
01 April 1989
As the centuries pass the laws of the universe are being discovered and revealed in all their perfection and beauty.
01 March 1989
Propped on his knees was a book on euthanasia. He explained to me that this was what he wanted - a quick, easy end to a long, active life.
01 February 1989
We try to establish our worth through our fullness. Plugging all the gaps becomes an obsession.
01 January 1989
A short story by Alan Thornhill
01 December 1988
In countries that face oppression one can find people possessed of an inner liberty which many of those living in conditions of external freedom have yet to discover.
01 August 1988
In such a setting the shivers of despair which get buried at each report of tragedy can be safely brought to the surface of one's spirit.
01 July 1988
I was walking with someone I had known for 18 years, but I had never really become his friend. That someone was my father.
01 June 1988