The message of the Golden Rule—treat others as we would like to be treated—is found in the teachings of all religious traditions and in the secular tradition as well. It has been around for ever, so why do we not hear it?
01 December 2006
The realisation that God's longing for our love is as great as our longing for his and the role of prayer
01 October 2006
For the first time I recognised my addiction, the constant habit of blaming myself because of my inadequacies.
01 August 2006
Some days my sense of nothingness and being a nobody is as addictive as my sense of really being something and somebody.
01 June 2006
Diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 13 years ago, God's love shines on and from my mother.
01 April 2006
When I found a year ago that I had a lymphoma, which if untreated was fatal, I was forced to have a big rethink.
01 February 2006
Stepping into the unknown is always scary. There are many pitfalls - and you are on your own.
01 December 2005
We are called not so much to give up what means most to us, but to make it sacred, to transform it.
01 October 2005
Step Four to Remaking the World
01 August 2005
Step Three to Remaking the World
01 June 2005