Human history has consisted of a series of migrations; every culture is the result of confrontations between peoples. So cultural identity is something which is in need of constant enrichment.
01 October 1990
For many years, although some of my closest friends in Ireland were Catholics, in my inmost feelings I felt superior to them - intellectually, socially and in terms of religion.
01 August 1990
Sometimes I have sought after things hoping they will satisfy but, like those chocolate cookies, found they are sweet but short-lived.
01 July 1990
`The pursuit of wealth can be a sign of retreat: the world has you on the run.'By Alan Channer
01 June 1990
That ongoing search for the Almighty's word of guidance becomes increasingly the most precious thing in my life, central to all I am and do - though no easier to discover.
01 May 1990
Among my mail a card from India stood out. On its cover was the photograph below, on its envelope a picture of Mahatma Gandhi in prison.
01 April 1990
I wanted insurance against pain and failure; in other words, I wanted someone to play God to me.
01 March 1990
This little being who consumes most of my time and energy has not only changed my priorities but has also unknowingly changed me as a person.
01 November 1989
I met men and women with sore wounds of flesh and spirit, suffered under different regimes: terrible wrongs attributable to the British Raj, to the costly events of Partition and indeed to every government since, right up to Zia's.
01 August 1989
How can we expect to manage our own lives, and find satisfaction in them, if we do not make time for hearing the word of the Lord?
01 July 1989