disappear into months.
01 August 2003
I went home with some big questions in my mind: why is it so difficult to keep prejudices from becoming attitudes which determine how we treat people? And is the only way of learning this to live in another culture for a long time?
01 June 2003
Until now purity had implied rigid restraint to me. But purity through freedom? Purity as freedom?
01 April 2003
There I sat, condemning a person I did not know. I suddenly saw that I was addicted to self-righteousness, a drink which breaks more people than alcohol.
01 February 2003
The Rev Ray Simpson is Guardian of the Community of Aidan and Hilda on Lindisfarne.
01 October 2002
The most precious secret I have found for creating happiness is the practice of silence and inner listening.
01 April 2002
Idrees’s cousin, who was studying in London, tried to deter me from going to Pakistan by quoting ‘East is East and West is West and ne’er the twain shall meet’.
01 December 2001
The last year has been characterized for me by two apparently opposite emotions. On the one hand the pain and grief surrounding the decline and death from cancer of my brother-in-law.
01 August 1999
By nature I am what Australians call a 'doer', not a contemplative.
01 April 1999
The road of selflessness and honesty, of love and purity is less travelled than some. It has superb views but is strenuous going.
01 February 1992