Step Two to Remaking the World
01 April 2005
Step One to Remaking the World
01 February 2005
At various times in their lives some people revisit that longing to have a calling more than a job. And during the proverbial mid-life crisis, it makes itself uncomfortably felt, when we ask ourselves yet again, 'What is life really all about?'
01 December 2004
With all the pressures we put upon ourselves in this achievement-driven world, it’s sometimes a struggle to hang onto the truth that God delights in us, just as we are.
01 October 2004
The labyrinth invites seekers into meditative wandering within a self-contained and compact space.
01 August 2004
I realized anew that in the walk of faith we often have to live with conflicting—or perhaps competing—truths.
01 June 2004
In this rushing busy world do we take the time and care to listen to the other?
01 April 2004
Lasting unity and good relations in an expanding Europe depend on us learning both to cherish our own characteristics and to appreciate the positive differences in others.
01 February 2004
I had never felt deeply challenged by these little moments of what can only be called dishonesty.
01 December 2003
I’ve had to find some kind of healing and wholeness without the thing I most wanted, to live and function and even enjoy life without it.
01 October 2003