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United Kingdom
Representatives from communities from around the UK got together to discuss initiatives being undertaken to bring opportunities to deprived areas.
In this rushing busy world do we take the time and care to listen to the other?
Yet Wais, an ethnic Somali of Dutch nationality, was snapped up as a driver within three days of his arrival.
Hugh Williams delights in a book that traces 'Englishness' back to the days before England existed.
Petty vandalism was on the rise in our village, Bradley in Yorkshire. Teenagers hanging out on the street by our one village shop were becoming an increasing concern. Milk bottles were smashed and letterboxes were rattled. Bikes played ‘I dare you to hit me’ with cars.
The people of Pforzheim, Germany, suffered dreadfully in World War II-and a British aircrew paid a terrible price. Michael Henderson discovers how a small community is laying its ghosts to rest.
Bryan Hamlin, a British-born American citizen, challenges Europe's prejudice towards the United States.
Mary Lean is transported by the work of a man whose art was his message.
It’s a long way from a remote village in Pakistan to Brighton, England. Imam Abduljalil Sajid tells Mary Lean about the encounters which inspired his passion for interfaith understanding.
Do we have to make the people who come to us for help so unwelcome, asks Mary Lean

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