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Mary Lean visits Bergh Apton, and English village which shows what communities can do when they get going.
It was deemed unsustainable to renovate the building as a place of worship, but Greg Davis had a vision of creating something else that would bring the community together.
‘You can be a child living with a family member and still be completely alone.’ This conviction is what drove Camila Batmanghelidjh to set up the charity Kids Company's therapy centre under a pair of derelict railway arches on a deprived south London estate near Brixton eight years ago.
A Youth Forum on Ethical Leadership saw more than 40 students from across the UK and beyond gather together at the University of London.
Extremism is a betrayal of Islam’s essence,states Abduljalil Sajid.
On 1 May, the European Union will have 75 million new inhabitants—and ten new member nations, bringing its total to 25. The ‘rich man’s club’ is opening its doors to its less wealthy neighbours—amid muttering from many of those already ensconced in its comfortable armchairs. It may seem strange—even presumptuous—for a publication based in the UK to welcome the new arrivals. To the rest of Europe, Britain has sometimes seemed an awkward member of the club, carping about the rules, resisting change and casting aspersions on everyone else. Although our government championed the enlargement, the prospect has sparked a xenophobia in some quarters which is matched only by attitudes to asylum seekers and refugees.
James Wood teaches a subject which challenges both schools and society at large.
Images of Forgiveness, a powerful and moving exhibition, gave voice to 26 people from around the world who had experienced tragedy or atrocities.
Twenty-three years in Parliament, nine months in the Cabinet, seven months in prison—Jonathan Aitken talks to Mary Lean.
How can enterprises better serve the wider community? David Erdal has a radical solution, reports Michael Smith.

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