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As one of the capitals of the theatre world, some may think that London already has enough theatres.
Jamaican social worker Carole-Gene Denham constantly has to deal with her country's problems. But she believes that nobody needs to remain a victim. She talks to Judith 'Robo Ukoko.
A task that's just begun' ran the slogan across the backdrop at the Victoria Palace theatre, London. An unusual theme, you might think, for a 50th anniversary meeting.
`Bridge Park' was created and is run by a largely black community, many of whom would once have fitted the stereotype well. What has made it work?
Only one father and son have each been Lord Chancellor twice. The son is Quintin McGarel Hogg, Lord Hailsham, who retired last year on the eve of his 80th birthday.
Like the early Chinese painters, Heaton Cooper sees landscape painting as a means of interpreting the divine spirit. 'I don't monkey around with the mountains,' he told a recent television interviewer.
Dang Thi Hai spent five months in prison under the Vietnamese - and eight years seeking permission to leave her country. But her most difficult months came after she arrived in Britain, her country of asylum. `You struggle to get out of what seems to be a difficult situation. You want freedom. Then you get it - and you have to find something new to live for.
`Liverpool is a city famous for three things: for soccer, for the Beatles and for political chaos.

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