Betsy Lancaster takes part in a conference 'for all who long to discover the creative sparkle within' and finds manifestations in unexpected places.
01 October 1997
As India celebrates 50 years of freedom, Michael Smith observes her economic reforms.
01 August 1997
Do Canada's aboriginal people hold the key to national unity? Keith Newman examines a controversial report which calls for a new relationship between First Nations and settlers and describes efforts to bring about healing.
01 June 1997
It's time for Britain to take a long hard look at herself writes Hugh Williams.
01 April 1997
Gerald Pillay assesses one country's bold-and controversial-bid to come to terms with its past.
01 February 1997
For over 300 years the Quakers have been working for peace and acting as mediators. Campbell Leggat mines the experience of a group who have never been afraid to stand up to power or to listen at the deepest level.
01 December 1996
Grim realism has replaced the euphoria of 1991 in Ukraine, as in most countries of the former Soviet Union. On a recent visit to Ukraine, Mike Lowe discovered that democracy must start at the grassroots
01 August 1996
The people of a former red light area have run the pimps and drug dealers out of town. Now they have launched a plan to regenerate their district. Mary Lean investigates.
01 June 1996
Commuters in Western cities are becoming inured to the sight of the young person huddled under a blanket in the railway station. He holds a cardboard notice: `Hungry, broke and homeless'. What can be done? Mike Lowe takes London as a case-study.
01 January 1992
Western society undergoing an age-explosion.
01 December 1991