His dream was to go to Antarctica. Instead he has spent his life challenging totalitarianism, and its aftermath. Patrick Colquhoun talks to Mary Lean.
01 December 2006
Mishkat al-Moumin fought for human rights under Saddam Hussein, and survived assassination attempts as Minister of the Environment in Iraq's interim government. She talks to Bob Webb.
01 October 2006
Margaret Jackson was in on the birth of European unity. She talks to Michael Smith.
01 August 2006
Andrew Stallybrass meets Rabbi Marc Raphaël Guedj who is bringing rabbis and imams together to work for peace.
01 June 2006
Francisco Toledo is not just one of Mexico's best known artists: he is also a philanthropist. He talks to Andrea Cabrera Luna.
01 April 2006
Having laid down his guns, Joseph Wong is working for a corruption-free logging industry in the Solomon Islands. John Bond tells his story.
01 February 2006
Actress Julia Varley uses theatre to empower. She talks to Andrea Cabrera Luna. by JULIA VARLEY
01 February 2006
Bill Porter founded a global think-tank out of his concern about the media’s influence. Michael Smith tells his story.
01 October 2005
On the streets of Bristol, UK, one woman is fighting crime with a silent force. Stan Hazell finds out more.
01 August 2005
Stan Hazell meets a nonagenarian whose latest book is a surprise hit in Britain's prisons.
01 June 2005