I see no way of achieving daily bread for all without a world trade market which is genuinely open, and a collective effort to check poverty both at home and abroad, as set by the Millennium Development Goals.
01 December 2006
Often the strangers on the edge are the only people who can see the future as well as the past
01 October 2006
We all need to step out of our respective intellectual ghettos and say, ‘I am open-minded’, according to Professor Tariq Ramadan.
01 August 2006
We’ve got to inspire people to believe that their efforts at relationships locally can transform the world.
01 June 2006
We will not win the war on terrorism unless we do something to win the war on poverty. It is in our enlightened self-interest to enhance trade, to build a safer world, to decrease the displacement that people feel.
01 February 2006
The hurricane and its horrifying aftermath may prove to be the tipping point that causes Americans to rethink our values, priorities and lifestyles.
01 December 2005
How do we react when we are treated unjustly, when we are pinned down, when we are shown, sometimes by force, that our will does not matter because someone else’s might is stronger?
01 October 2005
The day before Christine Jacobs, one of the ‘stolen generations’ of Aboriginal Australians, was due to speak at the launch of Australia’s National Day of Healing, she was knocked down by a car and killed. Her 14-year-old daughter, Tamara, read her speech at the event in the Great Hall of Parliament on 25 May.
01 August 2005
John Paul II could capture anyone, and millions, not only by what he said but also by the way he was able to listen.
01 June 2005
There can be no foreign city closer to the heart of a Russian than Kiev. The two countries’ history is so intertwined that events in one have a deep impact in the other.
01 April 2005