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Are you still a newcomer after living in Caux for 60 years?
I first went to Caux, the Initiatives of Change (IofC) conference centre in Switzerland, as a starry-eyed drama student in 1992. It changed my life, setting me on the road to faith and opening my eyes to a world in need in which, I discovered, I could play my part in making a difference.
Whether you're a clown, a singer, an actor or simply a member of the audience, you have an impact on the world, Mary Lean discovers.
Themon Djaksam joins Africans from across the continent to address the issues of corruption and good governance.
Ibrahima Fall, UN Special Representative for the Great Lakes Region in Africa, talks to Themon Djaksam about the themes of the conference.
Although some of the Lebanese travelling to the conference managed to get to Beirut airport before it was closed, their families were still at home. For those who came, the stay at Mountain House could not be peaceful, but they had the courage to share their feelings about what was happening in their country.
Michael Smith takes part in a conference that brings together business professionals, farmers and journalists seeking ethics at work.
What is it like to organise a Caux conference? Justin Walford finds out
From Ann Rignall behind the scenes in Caux, Switzerland
As he searched for an answer, he sensed that the moment for reconciliation would come and he wrote, ‘Caux is the place’.