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Thirty people from political life took part in a three-day round table conference on good governance.
Some of the younger people attending the Caux conferences tell FAC about experiences that have changed their lives.
Joanna Giecewicz is an architect and teaches design in the department of architecture of the Warsaw Technical University. She has lived and worked in Vienna and the USA and is a fellow of regional studies at the MIT School of Architecture and Planning in the US.
Indian historian Rajmohan Gandhi spoke on 'Money, Globalization and Equality' during the Caux conference for Business and Industry. We print extracts:
Over the last seven years, hundreds of young people have taken part in courses on the values which undergird true freedom, run by MRA's Foundations for Freedom programme. Anna Christine Christensen from Denmark first took part in 1994. She caught up with participants new and old at the first of this summer's conferences in Caux, Switzerland.
Mike Brown spent a week at the MRA international conference centre in Caux, Switzerland, to find out whether 'honest conversation' is as useful as is claimed.
An international group, with experience of facilitating change in their societies, spent a week in April in Israel and Palestine, at the invitation of people who had participated in MRA conferences in Caux, Switzerland.
It's not just the ethereal scenery that brings people from conflict areas to Caux in Switzerland. Mary Lean takes part in a remarkable meeting of hearts.
Why does Herefordshire farmer Chris Evans organize a conference on ethics in business and industry half way up a Swiss mountain each year? The most tangible and obvious reason was summed up well by the first speaker at this year's Caux Conference for Business and Industry (CCBI).
The media in the Balkans, divided on ethnic lines, did 'more damage than weapons' and had played a pivotal role in 'initiating the processes that led to unbelievable bloodshed,' said Senad Kamenica, Head of News and Current Affairs Programmes for Bosnia and Herzegovina Television. Two hundred and fifty thousand people had been killed in the war, including 30,000 children, and Bosnia was still burdened by 'the by-products of the factory of evil'.