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Peace is more than the absence of war, discovers Caz Hore-Ruthven.
José Carlos León Vargas from Mexico describes his first experience of Caux, as one of the interns who ensured the smooth running of the conference centre.
A London-based former Vietnamese boatperson and his Japanese wife tell Kenneth Noble of their love of music, teaching and freedom.
‘There is a palpable crisis of governance in many developing countries,’ said Prabhat Kumar, the Director of an independent Centre for Governance in India and former Governor of Jharkand State
Frédéric Chavanne reports on a meeting of people from one of Africa’s most turbulent regions.
With all the pressures we put upon ourselves in this achievement-driven world, it’s sometimes a struggle to hang onto the truth that God delights in us, just as we are.
Some ridicule North Korea for their paranoia, but when one learns about the troubled history of the Korean Peninsula one begins to understand where they are coming from.
Can big business and activists agree on fighting poverty? Michael Smith reports.
John Bond hears from Africans who are risking their lives to end conflict.
The summer at Caux began with a conference run by young people, mostly from former Soviet Bloc countries, with a smaller number from West Europe and North America, Mexico and an international group from the Swiss association, Youth Exchanges for Peace.