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During the summer conferences in Caux prominent figures delivered a weekly series of public lectures. Some are mentioned elsewhere in this issue but here we report four of them.
Living with other faiths is about being at home in your own religion and learning to be a guest in others, discovers Paul Williams.
Syngman Rhee fled his homeland as a 19-year-old in 1950 and found himself at the heart of the American civil rights movement in the Sixties. He spoke in Caux about his work for reconciliation between North and South Korea.
Dr Syeda Hameed is a historian and former member of the National Women's Commission, New Delhi.
Straight talking is a first step towards new attitudes and policies, discover Sandy and Caz Hore-Ruthven.
Jan Horn's passions include film-making, mountaineering and the preservation of South Africa's cultures. He talks to Anastasia Stepanova.
Artists from all over the world came to Caux in search of inspiration, refreshment and challenge. Anastasia Stepanova was there.
Jehangir Sarosh is a businessman living in Britain. He is President of the World Conference for Religion and Peace Europe and Vice-Chair of the Inter-Faith Network for the UK.
Good governance starts with individuals, discovers Paul Williams.
Mary Lean finds some remarkable companions on the road from fear to love.