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When her husband and her daughter became seriously ill, Harriet Cameron's world was turned upside down.
This article is based on a message sent by Burmese democratic campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi to an MRA conference in India marking 50 years of India's independence.
Possibly Australia's most unconventional priest, John Smith is increasingly taking his message to his country's centres of power. He and his wife, Glena, talk to John Bond.
Joy Weeks asks whether schools can impart the values which undergird free society.
My life was not satisfying but I felt it would get better once I got to the top. My feelings of fear and insecurity were but a price to pay on my way up.
I was expecting a baby. My health was not at all good: high blood pressure, nose bleeds, fainting fits, anaemia. My doctor's advice was categorical: I must have an abortion, there was no chance of childbirth.
Kenneth Noble visits a scheme, inspired by the Prince of Wales, that is helping young British people find a sense of purpose in life.
'Democracy starts with me' was the theme of MOral Re-Armament's 1991 conference at Caux, Switzerland. Over seven weeks 2,160 people attended its sessions. Michael Smith reports:
Through creating a meaningful avenue of self-expression, Johnson says, teenagers learn how to direct themselves; and one of the most important goals of BTA is to restore young Black men's sense of a positive self-image.
‘The best time of our lives' was how young participants described a six-week training course: `Equipping oneself for a lifetime'. The course was held this spring at Moral Re-Armament's Asia Plateau centre in the spectacular scenery of India's Western Ghats mountain range.