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Since I was 11 my foster mother had indicated many times that she’d be glad to see me go.
Representatives from communities from around the UK got together to discuss initiatives being undertaken to bring opportunities to deprived areas.
When Lee Jaeku was five he started training in Tae Kwon Do.
Janet Paine looks back on ten years of an initiative to foster democratic values in Eastern and Central Europe
Being mistaken for a Muslim started Wadiaa Khoury, a Lebanese Christian, on a journey towards her fellow-countrypeople.
One thing that parents and their children have in common is that they are both on a learning curve.
Nineteen-year-old Virgilio Tognato from Thiene in northern Italy has just published his first book: no mean achievement for someone who at the age of nine was thought to have an IQ of nil.
The summer at Caux began with a conference run by young people, mostly from former Soviet Bloc countries, with a smaller number from West Europe and North America, Mexico and an international group from the Swiss association, Youth Exchanges for Peace.
Petty vandalism was on the rise in our village, Bradley in Yorkshire. Teenagers hanging out on the street by our one village shop were becoming an increasing concern. Milk bottles were smashed and letterboxes were rattled. Bikes played ‘I dare you to hit me’ with cars.
Prof Richard Whitfield argues that we must get our relationships right if we are to give the next generation a fair chance in life.