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When she was 14, Karin Peters' uncle died of cancer. 'It felt like a bomb had been dropped on top of my world,' she says.
As always, the conferences in Caux were graced by the performances of several richly talented artists. Among them was American song-writer and guitarist Scott Christopher Murray. He told his story to John Williams.
Some of the younger people attending the Caux conferences tell FAC about experiences that have changed their lives.
Marijana Longin was 17 in 1991 when her country, Croatia, declared independence from Yugoslavia. Until then, Serbs, Croats and people from other ethnic minorities had lived peacefully together in her town, Zadar. They even celebrated each other's religious festivals. Now, with the propaganda from all sides stirring up hate and fear, many of the Serbs fled to Yugoslavia.
What difference would it make if people learnt to be leaders at the beginning rather than the end of their careers? Mary Lean finds out.
Karen Elliott Greisdorf examines the role of mentoring in youth and job-training in the USA
Over the last seven years, hundreds of young people have taken part in courses on the values which undergird true freedom, run by MRA's Foundations for Freedom programme. Anna Christine Christensen from Denmark first took part in 1994. She caught up with participants new and old at the first of this summer's conferences in Caux, Switzerland.
Bjørn Ole Austad meets Monsignor Victor Grech, the Director of Caritas Malta, a priest who feels the pain of those in difficulties—and puts others to work to help them.
When she was 16, Natalie Porter's stereotypes let her down. Drugs came to her in the hand of a friend, not some dodgy dealer.
'Employers have found that it is no longer possible to rely on home or school to have taught a school leaver how to make a moral judgement,' explains the Director of the IBE, Stanley Kiaer. 'A code of business ethics can help once a school leaver had joined a company.