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José Carlos Léon Vargas looks back on nine months in Asia with an unusual training programme.
Any history of Initiatives of Change might have a chapter dedicated to to three American brothers, the Colwells. Their contribution to this work for reconciliation is unknown to today’s generation but they once played a vital, inspiring and often taken-for-granted role.
What is it like to organise a Caux conference? Justin Walford finds out
Teaching English in China was an eye-opener for Rob Neal.
When one of the firemen in Egremont got married, the marquee did not arrive in time, so it was arranged to have the wedding in the fire station.
He was born in Cali, one of the biggest cities in Colombia, and has lived in Comuna 16 for many years. Life expectancy in the ghettos in this district of Cali is around 22 years.
'THREE MEN AND THREE WOMEN came to our house at 5.30 am. My wife started to cry. They took first my wife and my son, and then me and the two children....
Nicci Dodanwela tells the story of how she overcame anorexia.
Young people are flocking to Asia for leadership training. Laura Boobbyer went too.
Will Jenkins travels across the US with an international team of young people.