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THIS MONTH sees the release of a new film, The Imam and the Pastor, which tells the story of a remarkable peacemaking partnership in northern Nigeria, a region where thousands have been killed in Muslim-Christian conflicts.
Themon Djaksam joins Africans from across the continent to address the issues of corruption and good governance.
Ibrahima Fall, UN Special Representative for the Great Lakes Region in Africa, talks to Themon Djaksam about the themes of the conference.
'Because of the state of poverty in which they live, their focus is naturally on their next meal. We have supported their thinking so that their focus can be within their future, not just within their present'.
Peter Everington returns to Sudan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Independence.
The slave trade has left deep scars. Ann Rignall meets a group of people remembering the past to shape a better future
The attempted rescue of a beached whale in the Thames was a testament to the immediacy with which events are transmitted around the world and the hold that animals have over us humans.
For many, Africa is a place of mystery-a breeding ground for corrupt leadership, autocratic heads of states, mismanaged economies and riddled with the unfortunate realities of colonisation and the slave trade. Howard, however, spoke of an Africa rising above its troubles and bringing new meaning to unity and brotherhood.
Kader Keita tells Andrea Cabrera Luna and José Carlos León Vargas there are no confines for the arts
Jean Brown meets the women who are standing up for peace in a clean Africa.