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The attempted rescue of a beached whale in the Thames was a testament to the immediacy with which events are transmitted around the world and the hold that animals have over us humans.
Social entrepreneurs aren’t just in it for the bottom line—or out of a desire to ‘do good’. Pamela Hartigan sees them as the architects of a new social economy.
Michael Smith reports a farmers’ dialogue on tackling poverty
Pam McGibbon, then 46, was living in Scotland, where she and her husband ran a company organizing exhibitions.
In October the United Nations reached agreement on a groundbreaking Convention Against Corruption. 9 December has been proposed as a new annual International Anti-Corruption Day.
John Bond hears from Africans who are risking their lives to end conflict.
On a recent trip to Lviv, Ukraine, I stayed in a hotel just across the street from an Internet cafe. Also close was a McDonald's. But the café and McDonald's had more than proximity in common.
Citizens’ movements have played an important part in cleaning up general elections in several countries. Brian Lightowler charts their development from 1988 to the present day.
Francis Kimani is a Nairobi-based lawyer.
Why would a successful Kenyan salesman give up his career in order to become a thorn in his government’s flesh? Bedan Mbugua, editor of ‘The People’, talks to Paul Williams.