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South Africa
The 2000 Sydney Olympics were dubbed 'the collaborative games', because of the way government, labour and management worked together. Can South Africa build on this great lesson?
Keeping Peace Alive promotes dialogue between teenagers from different backgrounds in Cape Town, South Africa. KPA leaders come from different backgrounds themselves; Cassim and Moosa are Muslim and Hasson is Jewish.
Junaid Moosa took part in the latest Clean Africa Campaign leadership training programme in S Africa.
Peace is more than the absence of war, discovers Caz Hore-Ruthven.
The elections underlined the progress we’ve made in a decade.
Brutal honesty and an unswerving commitment to his ideals have driven Letlapa Mphahlele into areas most people would turn away from in horror—and onto an extraordinary journey of reconciliation. He talks to Anthony Duigan.
'Together we can make a world of difference' was the theme of a conference organized by MRA/Initiatives of Change in Collaroy, New South Wales, Australia in April.
One hundred and six media professionals meeting in Cape Town in April called on the Angolan government to end the repression of dissenting journalistic voices and commit itself to a free flow of news and information.
Award-winning environmental journalist Geoffrey Lean has seen Earth Summits come and go. On his return from Johannesburg in September, he spoke at a meeting at the Initiatives of Change centre in London. We print extracts:
The Johannesburg Earth Summit highlighted the urgent need of many countries to secure greater freshwater supplies. Alan Ervine talks to Kenneth Noble about what can be done to turn aspiration into reality.