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When a group of Ugandan children was asked to put on a play, they chose war and reconciliation as its themes. Mercy Mirembe Ntangaare worked with them.
When an English church looked for a clean-water project to support in 1983, no one knew how far it would lead, writes Ann Rignall.
David Allbrook's watchword has led him into famine relief, the hospice movement, the presidency of Amnesty International in Australia and pioneering medical training in East Africa. John Bond meets an academic who believes in action.
Two days after the wedding they sat and looked at each other in an empty room: `Why have we got married? There is nothing to make a life with.'
The truth is that a civilization has been shattered, and is in need of rebuilding. This goes beyond the realms of politics and power. No leader, however enlightened, will be able to create a stable structure until new foundations have been laid.