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Building bridges
Climate change and tackling world poverty may be the most important issues facing this generation. But we can only progress these if we can build an 'alliance of civilizations'. Mike Lowe finds out why this new UN initiative is so important.
A unique sacred space in the heart of London where people of all faiths, or none, can meet with others from different traditions and explore differences in a spirit of friendship and respect.
What does it mean to be European today? Mary Lean reports from Caux.
How are people in Galle, Sri Lanka, picking up the pieces following the disaster in December? Mark Perera finds out.
She had come to the BBFP programme to condemn the Israelis for killing her father.
Europe will not find the way forward by avoiding conflict, but by transforming it, maintains Brian Walker.
Reasons for Hope conference in Liverpool, UK, focussed on healing history, the power of honest dialogue, and how the skills of asylum seekers and refugees could be used for the benefit of all.
For many the war years were enough adventure to last a lifetime.
'While we want the link to be of real benefit to Lesotho... we also see the link as necessary for Wales.'
Fifty years ago this month a large English country house became a centre where people could find new aims and motivation. Kenneth Noble reports: