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Initiatives of Change
Stan Hazell looks back over the years since the magazine was launched.
I see no way of achieving daily bread for all without a world trade market which is genuinely open, and a collective effort to check poverty both at home and abroad, as set by the Millennium Development Goals.
Worried about the world your children will inherit? So were Laurent and Marie-Hélène de Cherisey.
'THREE MEN AND THREE WOMEN came to our house at 5.30 am. My wife started to cry. They took first my wife and my son, and then me and the two children....
Hate of his father pushed Kofi Bassaw Quartey to crime. Now he campaigns for integrity in Africa, writes Paul Williams.
Step Four to Remaking the World
Amina Dikedi tells Mary Lean about the people who give her hope for Africa.
Torabi (28) left Kabul in 1992, when he was 16, and fled with his whole family to Peshawar in Pakistan. Before their exile, his father had managed a hospital in Kabul.
A SERIES OF signed commentaries has become a weekly feature on the international website of Initiatives of Change.
The once dilettante scion of a Scottish business family tells Paul Williams of the revolution that God brought to his life.