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Peter Everington returns to Sudan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Independence.
Tolerance is not enough to bridge the world’s differences, writes Mike Lowe. We need to engage.
‘A few extremists are highjacking the agenda but the majority (whether Muslim, Christian, or Jewish) are desperate to talk to each other. The trouble is, they haven’t had the venues to allow them to do so. We are trying to change that.’
Retirement hasn't slowed the pace of Cornelio Sommaruga, former President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Andrew Stallybrass discovers.
Hugh Nowell has made a vocation of rising to the unexpected, as Paul Williams and Mary Lean discovered.
Throughout the highs and lows of a long diplomatic career, Archie Mackenzie has always striven to put service ahead of ambition. Campbell Leggat and Kenneth Noble tell his story.
The world lay at RD Mathur's feet as a young man - and he decided to give everything to try and change it. He talks to Mary Lean.
Over recent years those working with MRA have perceived the need to initiate change within MRA itself. Not the core values and beliefs, which are inviolable, but the name, which for many has lost its original timeliness. So, at an international consultation this summer, the decision was taken to adopt Initiatives of Change as the name for global MRA.
Mary Lean finds some remarkable companions on the road from fear to love.
Tania Chatterjee and Nabnita Jit first heard about Asia Plateau, the MRA centre in Panchgani, India, whilst studying for their Master's degrees in Social Work at Baroda University in Gujurat. Tania Chatterjee comes from the steel-making city of Durgapur in West Bengal. Nabnita was originally from the state of Orissa but her family now live in Baroda.