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Initiatives of Change
'Together we can make a world of difference' was the theme of a conference organized by MRA/Initiatives of Change in Collaroy, New South Wales, Australia in April.
Francis Kimani is a Nairobi-based lawyer.
Over recent years those working with MRA have perceived the need to initiate change within MRA itself. Not the core values and beliefs, which are inviolable, but the name, which for many has lost its original timeliness. So, at an international consultation this summer, the decision was taken to adopt Initiatives of Change as the name for global MRA.
Thirty people from political life took part in a three-day round table conference on good governance.
Eastern Europe came a little closer for hundreds of British pupils as a result of a chance encounter between Mariana Zaharieva and school-teacher Howard Grace last summer. Mariana and her husband Angel Zahariev from Bulgaria were attending a conference on `Shaping the New Europe' in Caux, Switzerland, when they met Grace. He had been taking a play he had written to schools around Britain, to encourage sixth-formers to think beyond themselves.
Decisions - love them or hate them, you often have to make them. And usually others feel the effects for good or ill. Warren Buckley, who graduated in political science in 1989, looks for pointers on how to face that
Fifty years ago this month a large English country house became a centre where people could find new aims and motivation. Kenneth Noble reports:
Themes considered at the Moral Re-Armament conference complex, perched above the Montreux end of Lake Geneva, varied as widely as the delegations which came from all corners of the world.