In 1961, after his obligatory service, General Colin Powell could have left the US Army. He didn't, he writes in his autobiography, "My American Journey," because "for a black no other avenue in American society offered so much opportunity."
01 October 1997
Many whites have no idea what African Americans really feel about the situation.
01 June 1997
By the time the amnesty expired only three people had returned money
01 April 1997
Gus Envela Jr believes that too many in public life have stayed on too long.
01 February 1997
Then, to the Mayor's surprise, Edith marched forward and grabbed the microphone.
01 December 1996
I was the white sheep of the family
01 October 1996
The media are given privileges and protections because they have a special function in our democracy
01 August 1996
Tensions, doubts and questions ravaged my mind. `How does God give one an assignment without the tools to accomplish it?'
01 February 1991
Polish journalist Boguslaw Chrabota is a spokesman for the Krakow Industrial Society. He writes:
01 December 1990