When he died, Terry O'Leary was left without money, without a job and without a home, since she was not allowed to go on living in her brother’s council flat.
01 December 2006
WATABARAN, which means environmental sustainability in Nepali, is a fair-trade company established by Nepalese and Swedish youth.
01 December 2006
He was born in Cali, one of the biggest cities in Colombia, and has lived in Comuna 16 for many years. Life expectancy in the ghettos in this district of Cali is around 22 years.
01 August 2006
IF ONLY WE LIVED IN A WORLD where people didn’t drop litter, tell lies, cheat... but we do.
01 August 2006
CHARLESTON, on the coast of South Carolina, USA, abounds with Southern charm. Pillared buildings sit in magnolia-filled gardens, visible from streets which date back to the 18th century. Two centuries of plantation economics have left behind shaded porches, steepled churches and cobbled streets.
01 June 2006
'Because of the state of poverty in which they live, their focus is naturally on their next meal. We have supported their thinking so that their focus can be within their future, not just within their present'.
01 June 2006
'THREE MEN AND THREE WOMEN came to our house at 5.30 am. My wife started to cry. They took first my wife and my son, and then me and the two children....
01 April 2006
Keeping Peace Alive promotes dialogue between teenagers from different backgrounds in Cape Town, South Africa. KPA leaders come from different backgrounds themselves; Cassim and Moosa are Muslim and Hasson is Jewish.
01 February 2006
New Generation's workshops are given by volunteers and include art, drama, guitar and drumming as well as capoeira (a Brazilian martial art). The group believes in giving room to creativity and personal initiative.
01 December 2005
Kato is now a second year student in International Relations at Beijing University. He is also a part-time Japanese teacher at a local high school and President of Beijing University’s Japanese Students Association (BUJSA).
01 August 2005