There is a historical reason for the plethora of Joneses in Wales. Traditionally the Welsh had no surnames but used the formula ‘David the son of William’ (in Welsh Dafydd ap Gwilym).
01 April 2005
Luckily no-one was hurt except the poor moose.
01 February 2005
The distance from Mexico City could be measured in centimetres.
01 December 2004
The Kutlacas play the harpsichord in turns—Frescobaldi, Scarlatti, Couperin—then they play together, three hands. Maja says she is lucky—she only has to use her right hand.
01 October 2004
Sydney warmly recalls its turn as host four years ago. A party atmosphere enveloped the whole town at night. The Australian spirit of camaraderie and openness was at its best, a reference point we need to keep alive in our heads.’
01 August 2004
The elections underlined the progress we’ve made in a decade.
01 June 2004
Colombia is a nation that has known bloody civil wars and where, since 1965, guerrillas have ruled part of the country, intimidating the other part by extortion, kidnapping, murder and sabotage.
01 April 2004
One institution which has remained unchanged over the last half century is the cake-shops of Acland Street, with their delectable displays.
01 February 2004
We sailed on the maiden voyage of the ill-fated Estonia, which sank in a storm in 1994 taking more than 800 souls with her, a tragedy that united Estonia and Sweden in grief.
01 December 2003
No wonder that an inter-national team has convened in Paris around a few concerned citizens working for an end to civil war in Congo, Rwanda and Burundi, the so-called ‘Great Lakes’ region of Africa.
01 October 2003