In the yogic tradition, the practice of pratyahara teaches you to let go, through first facing up to your pain and entering into it. This requires determination, writes Andrea Cabrera Luna in London
01 December 2006
Are you still a newcomer after living in Caux for 60 years?
01 October 2006
When one of the firemen in Egremont got married, the marquee did not arrive in time, so it was arranged to have the wedding in the fire station.
01 August 2006
While we rush around our homes checking for dripping taps, the water companies also have some work to do, putting their own house in order.
01 June 2006
Jerusalem is a city with many layers: the Roman occupation, the Christian Crusades, the Arab Caliphates, the Ottoman Empire and the British mandate.
01 April 2006
The 2000 Sydney Olympics were dubbed 'the collaborative games', because of the way government, labour and management worked together. Can South Africa build on this great lesson?
01 February 2006
The centennial events in Alberta and Saskatchewan celebrated the diversity of our peoples.
01 December 2005
From Ann Rignall behind the scenes in Caux, Switzerland
01 October 2005
Few countries have worked so hard to come to terms with their past, to repair, to restore as Germany has.
01 August 2005
Matching the valiant attempts of the locals to learn English, growing numbers of foreign nationals are coming to Beijing to study Mandarin.
01 June 2005