For many, Africa is a place of mystery-a breeding ground for corrupt leadership, autocratic heads of states, mismanaged economies and riddled with the unfortunate realities of colonisation and the slave trade. Howard, however, spoke of an Africa rising above its troubles and bringing new meaning to unity and brotherhood.
01 February 2006
In spite of the fact that the UN Charter on the Rights of the Child is the most widely ratified law in the world, violence against children continues.
01 October 2005
‘The Lebanese people have been making peace with themselves,’ Muhieddine Chehab, Mayor of the business district of Beirut, told The Washington Post.
01 August 2005
Reasons for Hope conference in Liverpool, UK, focussed on healing history, the power of honest dialogue, and how the skills of asylum seekers and refugees could be used for the benefit of all.
01 June 2005
OUEST FRANCE, France’s leading circulation daily, can attribute its success to its ethical policy, maintains Didier Pillet, its Editor-inChief.
01 February 2005
‘A few extremists are highjacking the agenda but the majority (whether Muslim, Christian, or Jewish) are desperate to talk to each other. The trouble is, they haven’t had the venues to allow them to do so. We are trying to change that.’
01 December 2004
Frédéric Chavanne reports on a meeting of people from one of Africa’s most turbulent regions.
01 October 2004
A Youth Forum on Ethical Leadership saw more than 40 students from across the UK and beyond gather together at the University of London.
01 August 2004
FEW CONFERENCES hear from a businessman who has paid back £290,000 in cheated taxes, or see victims of brutal ethnic conflict forgive each other.
01 August 2004
‘It is much harder for a senior politician to be corrupt in front of the public’, Laurence Cockcroft said. ‘But on an individual level it depends on how far people take on initiatives to change it.’
01 June 2004