Australia was making the same mistakes in its relationship with Pacific nations as with its own indigenous peoples, claimed award-winning Solomon Islands based journalist Mary Louise O'Callaghan at a public forum in Melbourne on 13 January.
13 January 2007
State and city officials attended the groundbreaking at the site of a Reconciliation sculpture in Richmond, VA on December 13.
22 December 2006
The Chairman of the Islamic Council of Norway, the Imams of Oslo's three biggest mosques and other leaders of the Muslim community came for dinner in the IofC centre in Oslo to meet Imam Dr Abduljalil Sajid from Great Britain.
09 December 2006
The Moral Foundations for Democracy (MFD) – a training programme for the military, police and civil society developed by IofC – is now being carried out by Sierra Leonean trainers under the auspices of Hope-Sierra Leone
04 December 2006
The Counselor was speaking of the world premiere of the new film by IofC's FLTfilms, “The Imam and the Pastor,” at the United Nations headquarters in New York, hosted by the Nigerian Permanent Representative to the UN.
01 December 2006
As tensions in Fiji mounted over the threat of a military coup, a major international IofC conference entitled New hope from Fiji: making this a vision possible took place in the capital, Suva, with joint sponsorship from the Fijian government’s Ministry of Reconciliation and National Unity and the New Zealand government.
01 December 2006
Imam Dr Abduljalil Sajid, one of Britain’s leading Muslims, and his wife Jamila have been visiting Australia as guests of Initiatives of Change as part of IofC’s mission to build bridges of trust across the world’s divides.
30 November 2006
A Global Indigenous Dialogue (GID) on the theme, 'Understanding our Roots: from healing to harmony' marked the United Nations International Day of Indigenous Peoples in Caux.
01 October 2006
Dolen Cymru (the Wales-Lesotho Link) was launched in 1985, sustained on the Welsh side by a voluntary national committee.

Twenty-one years after it was launched, the world’s first nation-to-nation twinning is moving up a gear, reports Paul Williams.

01 August 2006
'Segregation just isn't acceptable in any form any more. It harms all of us!'
01 April 2006