The auditorium of the National Library in Ottawa was filled to capacity for the Canada Premiere of The Imam & the Pastor on 26 February, 2007. The event, hosted by the Nigerian High Commissioner, was attended by members of twelve diplomatic missions, including four ambassadors, and two members of parliament.
07 March 2007
Mohamed Sahnoun, President of Initiatives of Change International, launched his new book 'Mémoire Blessée – Algérie 1957' with call for healing the past between Algeria and France.
06 March 2007
After a stirring world premier at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, and high-profile launch events in Washington DC and Britain’s House of Parliament, February 22nd saw the documentary’s official launch in Nigeria, homeland of the film’s protagonists.
02 March 2007
Oxford University Islamic Society in association with IofC and the Oxford Branch of the United Nations Association both screened 'The Imam and the Pastor' in the last week.
01 March 2007
Sixty people took part in an interfaith evening in Perth on 18th February on the theme, “Love your neighbour...”
26 February 2007
When Father Anthony, a priest at St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Panchgani, India, called for multi-religion prayers on January 30, 2007, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists and Christians responded, gathering together for prayers. Ann Njeri, from Kenya, was there.

20 February 2007
Keith Neal, faculty member of a Moral Foundations for Democracy training programme in Sierra Leone, tells a London audience a remarkable story of rebuilding trust in a war-torn country.

17 February 2007
The 40 participants in Initiatives of Change's Los Angeles Forum included educators, professionals, business people and students representing various ethnic, racial and faith communities.
03 February 2007
At a time when Lebanon again faces the spectre of civil war, five Lebanese, representing Christian and Muslim communities on opposing sides in the last civil war, spent 10 days in France meeting political and community leaders to explain how they changed and why they are now working for reconciliation and peace.
30 January 2007
Nearly 300 community leaders and activists from Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, including 22 from Fiji, attended the 'Australia as a Neighbour' conference 12-16 January looking at the twin themes of relationships between communities in Australia and the role Australia plays in the region.
26 January 2007