A high-flying corporate executive dealing with people who were a 'pain in the neck', Dale Ferguson also experienced a literal pain (and tumour) in her neck. Exploring these connections through art, she embarked on an inner journey which changed the course of her life.
07 June 2007
In France, prejudice against Islam has been increasing over recent years, with a proportionate rise in frustration among Muslims. Many are beginning to lose faith in dialogue. Frédéric Chavanne writes about a programme of Initiatives of Change called Initiative Dialogue that is attempting to address these issues.
04 June 2007
As young Jews and Arabs in France become more and more violently aware of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, one book, So Far Yet So Near, has a particular focus. Nathalie Chavanne meets the book's protagonists.
09 May 2007
The Falklands War, 25 years ago, faced Major Chris Keeble with the sternest test of his military career. It led to a turning point in the war, and an unexpected outcome. Michael Smith recalls his story.
04 April 2007
Dr Omnia Marzouk, a physician based in the UK, talks about her spiritual journey to a multifaith, multicultural group. Though speaking as a Muslim, hers are experiences with which anyone can identify.
19 February 2007
The current widespread ideology of individualism endangers our future because it doesn't take into account the relationships which undergird our survival, writes Bishop George Browning
08 February 2007
Leading Muslim-Australian commentator, Waleed Aly, speaks about the challenges of overcoming our egocentricity if we are to build good relationships.
07 February 2007
Award-winning journalist Mary Louise O'Callaghan learned to listen in a whole new way when she married into a traditional Solomon Islands community
07 February 2007
Stan Hazell looks back over the years since the magazine was launched.
01 December 2006
Despair and fear are the enemies of peace, write Saliba Sarsar (left),a Palestinian American, and Yehezkel Landau, an Israeli American.
01 December 2006