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Interfaith issues
Celebrations of the new Millenium should not be only a secular event
Christians, Muslims and Jews have in the past waged war on each other and thought themselves justified in doing so.
Rajmohan caused a national stir in November 1989 when he decided to stand in India's elections.
Human history has consisted of a series of migrations; every culture is the result of confrontations between peoples. So cultural identity is something which is in need of constant enrichment.
It was not a scene you would have expected at a scientific meeting.
These days I often find myself in Shahibag, which now houses the papers, personal effects and photos of Vallabhbhai Patel, whose biography I am writing. Patel and Jawaharlal Nehru together administered India between Independence in 1947 and December 1950, when Patel died. Nehru was Prime Minister and Patel was styled Deputy Prime Minister, but they shared power equally and jointly.

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