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Interfaith issues
Idrees’s cousin, who was studying in London, tried to deter me from going to Pakistan by quoting ‘East is East and West is West and ne’er the twain shall meet’.
For most Americans life has changed since 11 September. The events of that day and its aftermath have riveted indelibly on the American psyche how fragile were the peace and comforts we enjoyed.
The Open House centre for Jewish-Arab reconciliation in Ramle, Israel, was established 10 years ago to help heal the deep emotional wounds and distrust among Jews and Arabs. The house was originally the home of a Palestianian family, then of a Jewish family, but it now brings Jewish and Arab children and their parents together to help them understand one another.
Alan Channer joins people of many faiths and traditions at an ecological symposium in the Chateau de Klingenthal, France
Michael Smith encounters the Western face of Islam--and meets British Muslims who are fighting back against Islamophobia.
When Omnia Marzouk, a consultant paediatrician in Liverpool, visited India, she discovered another side to her history.
Ridha Driss, Chief Editor of the magazine al-Insan (Man), looks at Islam as a European phenomenon. He lives in France.
It was billed as a conference. It was more an experience.
Jean-Jacques Odier is a Swiss journalist, playwright and pro-family activist.
Everyone needs to know where they belong, maintains Rabbi Marc Gopin - but this doesn't mean hating outsiders.

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