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Any history of Initiatives of Change might have a chapter dedicated to to three American brothers, the Colwells. Their contribution to this work for reconciliation is unknown to today’s generation but they once played a vital, inspiring and often taken-for-granted role.
When one of the firemen in Egremont got married, the marquee did not arrive in time, so it was arranged to have the wedding in the fire station.
Karen Elliott Greisdorf discovers a programme which is revitalising old furniture, broken lives and a whole neighbourhood.
CHARLESTON, on the coast of South Carolina, USA, abounds with Southern charm. Pillared buildings sit in magnolia-filled gardens, visible from streets which date back to the 18th century. Two centuries of plantation economics have left behind shaded porches, steepled churches and cobbled streets.
The slave trade has left deep scars. Ann Rignall meets a group of people remembering the past to shape a better future
Will Jenkins travels across the US with an international team of young people.
The hurricane and its horrifying aftermath may prove to be the tipping point that causes Americans to rethink our values, priorities and lifestyles.
‘The Lebanese people have been making peace with themselves,’ Muhieddine Chehab, Mayor of the business district of Beirut, told The Washington Post.
She had come to the BBFP programme to condemn the Israelis for killing her father.
Thousands of American families—and Canadian families too—offered to take in British children for the duration of the war.